Wednesday, October 19, 2011


As usual, I write with no audiance. Ah well. I read so many blogs and books and comments. See the bond between the writers of my favorite books, knowing full well they probably haven't read any of mine. *sighs*

I'm trying really hard to become one of them. Don't know if I am succeeding. At times, it seems pointless, and then I work on one of my books, or see that Lost and Found, though minimal, is actually selling and only two days after release.

I know that if I can get cover art, it would make a difference, though probably with readers, not with my fellow authors. I'm working on it.

I know for a fact, I write well. I know my stories are good, and yet, I get no reviews, no feedback. That is such an ego buster. I haven't quite figured out how to promote, though I try to get tips from the many authors I have befriended on FB and Blogs.

Am I desperate? Yes. Do I care about extreme recognition? No. I just want to write and feel good about other people enjoying my stories.

So, I will say to the many people who have actually bought and read my books, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you, my stories would fester and fall to the wayside. Something I would never want to happen to my many and varied characters. Characters that have become family. Characters that invade and consume my thoughts.

*Hugs to all*

C R Guilaino