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My new release!!

Too much alcohol results in a pregnancy between Skylar and her gay best friend, Jonah. But Jonah's passions belong to another man, and Skylar flees with her secret. Tensions rise as the relationships grow more complicated and hearts intertwine.

To Skylar, Jonah's the most perfect man in the world--sexy, sweet, and funny. But there's one problem--he's gay. After too much alcohol is consumed one night, her dreams come true, and she finds herself in his arms.
The closer Jonah gets to Triston, the more he believes this is the man of his dreams. However, Triston holds some resentment against Jonah's best friend, which Jonah believes led to Skylar's sudden and inexplicable disappearance. Burying the ache he feels at her loss, Jonah plunges headfirst into his relationship and gives his heart to Triston.
Aaron finally locates his estranged cousin, Jonah, and briefly meeting the shattered Skylar has turned Aaron upside down. Her disappearance is flaying Aaron as well as Jonah, but a chance meeting draws the threads of all three men's lives back to one point--Skylar.
CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes both MM and MF sexual situations.

"Jonah? Where are you going?" Jonah’s best friend, Sky, asked as he rushed past her to the door. He glanced at her, banged his shin against the coffee table, and then hopped the rest of the way to their front door even as another knock came.

"Triston and I are headed out to Polly's," Jonah Winters yelled back to his roommate as he swung the door open. He felt a grin spread across his face as he looked at the luscious man standing there.

Triston Gallant. Six feet of slim, hard-muscled perfection. Dark brown hair the same shade as Jonah's, minus the blond streaks and waves that were in his own hair. The bluest eyes Jonah had ever seen and a body that was a walking wet dream.

Jonah's heart pounded at the sight of him. Especially when Triston turned those gorgeous blue eyes on him. The hunger there took Jonah's breath away.

He looked back briefly at Sky. She was sick, but he'd made her as comfortable as possible. A wastebasket near her. Crackers and warm 7 Up on the coffee table along with some ibuprofen, a blanket wrapped around her, the TV remote by her hand. She'd be okay. She just had a touch of the flu, and nothing would stop Jonah from going on his date with Triston.

"Come on Jonah, we're going to be late." Triston, somewhat annoyed, reached with determination for Jonah's hand.

* * * *

Jonah was always fawning over Sky. She was a woman, which gave Triston an involuntary shudder. How Jonah managed to be such close friends with a girl, Triston couldn't understand. Women were what Triston called the four Cs. They were confusing, clingy, conniving, and cruel, and had the wrong equipment to interest Triston anyway. He had a few female acquaintances, sure, but he wasn't best friends with them. His best friend had been Carl Sand and that was back in high school. Now, he planned on making Jonah Winters his best friend... and lover.

Jonah was everything Triston had ever wanted in a man. Bright, generous, stunningly gorgeous, sweet, a wicked sense of humor. Triston didn't think the man could be any more perfect. Triston was surprised at himself though. He usually went for older men. Jonah was twenty-four, three years younger than Triston himself and nearly fifteen years younger than Triston's last boyfriend. But with the way Jonah was looking up at him, it just didn't seem to matter that he was younger nor that he had a girl for a best friend.

Triston wound his arm around Jonah's slim waist as they made their way to his car to go to Polly's. He couldn’t help feeling smug that he’d diverted Jonah’s attention from his clingy best friend. He knew he should feel ashamed at such selfishness, but their relationship was new and Triston wanted to see where it could go. He was so tired of being lonely, and Jonah fit so well with him, that he didn’t want to share him with Skylar. Not now anyway.

* * * *

Sky opened her mouth to say something else, when the door to their apartment slammed shut, and Jonah was gone. Skylar sighed. She should have known Jonah's attention would wander away from her eventually, but it still surprised her. And it hurt.

She'd never seen Jonah so enthralled with a guy before. Skylar should really be happy for him. Triston now had Jonah's undivided attention. And she was happy Triston kept Jonah occupied.

It had taken her some effort to convince Jonah she probably just had the flu. He'd wanted her to go to the doctor. Sky knew what was wrong and didn't need a doctor to tell her. The little test showing the tiny blue plus sign buried in her bathroom wastebasket had said it all. As she nibbled on a cracker, her mind slipped back two months, to the night of her twenty-third birthday.

The night that had put her in the position she found herself in now.

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Excerpt...French for Love (Book 3 of Valley Love)

You have traveled through the agony and triumph of Kagen's struggle to love Croy in A Mechanic's Dream. You have then followed Bailey, Croy's assistant as he tries to find his place in the world and his trust in Dugan in Lost and Found.

Soon, you will be ensnared by Jarred, Kagen's young friend, as he finds the love of his life, loses him and then pushes himself out of his comfort zone to find D'Arcy again.

Excerpt from French for Love (Valley Love, Book 3) - they meet...

Jarred slipped quietly through the door and took a seat at the top of the tiers, not wanting to disturb the lecture going on. Usually, he sat at the front, to better concentrate. He smiled at the man he sat next to and then pulled his text book out, only to do a double take and look back at the man sitting next to him. Damn! He’d never seen such a pretty man before. Thick sandy blond hair with light blond streaks, and the deepest blue green eyes he’d ever seen. He couldn’t believe he’d never noticed him before. Jarred’s palms became sweaty and he unconsciously rubbed them on his jean covered thighs. Jarred was painfully shy by nature, so just stared, then blushed when he realized he was. He ducked his head and opened his book, trying to get the racing of his heart to slow down.
“Excusez moi?” The man next to Jarred said. Jarred turned and stared again. Oh, Jesus! How sexy was that? The man was French. Jarred couldn’t stop the coil of desire that warmed his stomach…or the twitch of his cock at the smooth, rich voice. “Iz my first day. Can you help wiz what page to see?” The man asked in a sultry voice.
Jarred nodded, and then snapped his mouth shut when he realized he was gaping. Christ! He needed to get a handle on his suddenly out of control libido. “Uh, page 39.” Jarred said, pointing inanely at his own text book. The man leaned over; brushing his shoulder against Jarred’s to see what he was pointing at. Jarred couldn’t help but inhale the man’s scent and wished he hadn’t when the warmth in his stomach turned to an inferno.
“Oui, merci.” The man said, then turned to a young woman next to him and fired off a sentence in French. Jarred took a few deep breaths to calm down. He’d never had such a reaction to anyone. He tried to ignore the hushed tones of the man and woman speaking in French next to him.
An hour later, and Jarred couldn’t have said what the lecture had been about, he hurried over to the exit. He looked back and noticed the man and the woman looking at him. The man smiled, and oh, what a glorious smile it was. Jarred’s stomach did a flip flop and he turned away quickly, blushing again. He spent the next four classes in a daze. How stupid, he hadn’t even asked the man his name, not that he would have had the nerve anyway. When he entered the lecture hall for his sixth and last class for the day, he chose a seat in the back again. Method Finance was his least favorite class. Mainly because the professor was a total, homophobic ass. It wasn’t common knowledge that Jarred was gay, but he didn’t hide his preference either. And Professor March didn’t hide his disdain for anyone that swung that way. Jarred wondered how he kept his job with such prejudices. Jarred didn’t pay attention as someone sat down next to him. Method Finance was a required degree class, so the lecture hall was always crowded.
“Excusez moi?” Jarred heard and spun around to look at the pretty man from his first class. “Zo, we meet again.” The man said and gave Jarred another smile. Jarred’s stomach went into free fall and his tongue froze to the roof of his mouth. “You help me again, s’il vous plait?” The man asked. Jarred swallowed audibly, gave the man a shy smile and nodded. “Merci. The man responded and his smile turned into a blinding grin.
“My name is D’Arcy. Quel est votre nom? What iz you?” The man asked. Jarred blushed.
“Jarred.” He replied.
“Jhar-ed.” D’Arcy said, rolling Jarred’s name in that smooth, rich voice. Jarred’s blush deepened. D’Arcy gazed at Jarred. “Merci, mon timide l’un.” D’Arcy said in a soft voice. Jarred had no idea what D’Arcy said, but didn’t care. It was just thrilling to hear him speak. By the end of class, Jarred was going crazy. The man was just so sexy. And nice. Not that they’d spoken that much. Jarred had already gotten several glowers from Professor March. He didn’t want to get into trouble, but it was D’Arcy who was talking, not Jarred and again, Jarred wondered how the professor could keep his job. When Jarred stood to leave, he felt D’Arcy grab his arm and couldn’t contain the shiver that went through him at the contact. “Je souhaite avoir du café avec vous.” D’Arcy said and Jarred just shook his head. He didn’t know French.
D’Arcy stood up next to Jarred and Jarred sucked in a breath. He hadn’t realized how tall D’Arcy was. He had to be at least 6’1” or more. Jarred’s heart stuttered. “Jhar-ed, I wish to have coffee with you.” D’Arcy repeated in English.
Jarred blushed again. “Really?” Jarred breathed in shock. D’Arcy was stunning. Jarred thought that he would have every girl on campus at his beck and call and wondered why he wanted to have coffee with him. He watched D’Arcy’s face soften.
“Oh, mon timide l’un, oui.” D’Arcy said.
“Um, ok.”  
“Ca va. Où un café est? Where iz a café?” D’Arcy asked.
Jarred’s nerves were jumping. “Follow me.” He said and turned to lead D’Arcy to the campus café. They ordered their coffees and then sat at a small table. Jarred noticed the looks they were getting, but didn’t know how to interpret them. He was pretty sure D’Arcy was straight, though Jarred’s gaydar had never been very good. He’d not known Kagen, his best friend and former boss, was gay until he told Jarred.
The silence was awkward, and Jarred kept sneaking glances at D’Arcy. “Um, so…you are from France?” Jarred asked, trying to fill in the void. Smooth Duncan. Now he’s going to think you are an idiot.
D’Arcy smiled at him. “Oui, I am student. In ze US on visa.” D’Arcy answered him, though his voice sounded strained to Jarred. 
Jarred didn’t get to say anything else as the woman he’d seen in his first class walked up to them. “Bonjour, cher. Que faites-vous ici?” The woman asked D’Arcy what he was doing there and leaned down to kiss D’Arcy on the cheek. “Avoir le café avec mon nouvel ami. Il est très timide. Mais je l'aime si. Beaucoup.” D’Arcy answered her, giving her a peck on the cheek in return, letting her know he was there with Jarred because he liked him. A lot.
Jarred turned his head, a stab of jealousy making his stomach clench. Where the hell had that come from? Jarred figured the woman was D’Arcy’s girlfriend.
“Jhar-ed, this is Adalicia. My soeur.” D’Arcy said, and then looked at Adalicia for the English word.
Jarred had no idea what a soeur was, but figured it meant girlfriend or something.
Adalicia put out her hand for Jarred to shake. “Jhar-ed, nice to meet you. I am D’Arcy’s sister.” Adalicia said.
Jarred shook her hand in surprise. “Oh, not his girlfriend?” Jarred blurted out, and then blushed again. His blush deepened when they both laughed.
“Oh, il est enfant mignon. Vous l'avez mauvais, n'est-ce pas?” Adalicia said to D’Arcy, smiling at her brother because he was so smitten before turning to Jarred. “No, D’Arcy would not have an amie…a girlfriend. He likes garcons.” Adalicia said.
Jarred was lost. What the hell were garcons?
“Adalicia!” D’Arcy exclaimed and blushed.
Jarred stared. It was the first time he’d seen D’Arcy blush and damn, but it was hot. “Garcons?” Jarred asked.
D’Arcy’s gaze grew intense, almost predatory and Jarred’s breath hitched in his throat. “I like men, Jhar-ed.” D’Arcy said. “Je vous aime, mon timide l'un.” He added, though Jarred had no idea what he’d said.
Adalicia laughed. “Je vous partirai seul poursuivre votre home.” Adalicia said to D’Arcy, gave him another peck on the cheek and left, after telling him she’d see him at home.
“I’m sorry. I don’t know French, so I don’t know what you were saying.” Jarred said softly, embarrassed.
D’Arcy smiled at him. “No need for sorries. I said, I like you.” D’Arcy told him.
Jarred didn’t know what to say, though he suspected there was a lot more to what was exchanged between D’Arcy and Adalicia then that. “Oh… Really?” Was what came out and he blushed again. He nearly creamed his pants when D’Arcy reached across the table and took his hand. He’d been half hard around the guy anyway, and now his cock stood at attention, pressing against the fly of his jeans almost painfully.
“Oui, you are very…beau. Beautiful.”  
Jarred dropped his head shyly. No one had ever called him beautiful before. He’d always thought of himself as average, nothing special. His last boyfriend had been nearly four years ago. He’d been so caught up in his studies, working for Kagen and taking care of his mother, that he’d not had time to have any kind of relationship. “Um, thank you?” Jarred hesitantly said.
“De rien, mon timide l'un.” D’Arcy said. Jarred went silent, not knowing anything else to say.
He glanced at the clock on the wall and nearly jumped in surprise. They’d been at the café for nearly an hour and he needed to get home to his mother. “Um, I’m sorry. I need to go home. My mother is waiting for me.” Jarred said reluctantly.
“You no stay on campus?” D’Arcy asked.
Jarred shook his head. “No, my mother can’t be left alone all the time.” He replied.
“Ah, donc doux pour s'occuper de votre mere.” D’Arcy said and Jarred gave him a confused look. D’Arcy smiled. “So kind of you to take care of your mother.” He translated. Jarred gave him a shy smile.
“Thank you. Um, would you like to come with me?” Jarred asked. He was astonished at his boldness, but was enjoying being in D’Arcy’s company so much, he didn’t want to part.
“Sûr, j'aimerais à. I would like that.” D’Arcy said with a smile.
Jarred led D’Arcy out to his beat up BMW. He couldn’t help the butterflies in his stomach since D’Arcy didn’t let go of his hand. He glanced around to see people’s reaction. It was fairly mixed. A few envious looks from girls. A few frowns of disapproval and some smiles from both men and women. And one very deep scowl from Professor March. Jarred looked quickly away from him.
D’Arcy noticed Jarred tense up and glanced over to the teacher. “Do not let ze professor upset you, mon timide l’un.” D’Arcy said, frowning at the Professor March. “L'idiot stupide et ignorant.” D’Arcy said under his breath and Jarred understood those words perfectly. It made him smile. D’Arcy let go of his hand when they made it to his car. Jarred spent the ride answering D’Arcy’s questions about the sights they passed, pleased that he could talk to D’Arcy without sounding like a complete moron.
They pulled into the drive of Jarred’s modest home and he led D’Arcy up to the door. D’Arcy had taken his hand again, but dropped it once they entered. Jarred thought he might know why and looked up into D’Arcy’s ocean colored eyes. “She knows I’m gay.” He said and smiled when D’Arcy took his hand again. “Mom! I’m home.” He called out. They found his mother in the kitchen in a huge mess. “Oh, mom.” Jarred said, dismayed.
“I’m sorry Jarred. I was just trying to make myself something to eat.” Rachel Duncan said, her tremors a bit more pronounced than usual.
“Mom, go sit. I’ll clean up and fix you something. Did you remember your medication?” Jarred said and let go of D’Arcy to help his mother to the kitchen table. He saw his mother looking curiously at D’Arcy. “Mom, your medication. Did you remember it?” Jarred tried to get her attention.
“Oh, yes, I think so.” Rachel answered absently, brushing at the floured mess on her shirt.
“Me permettre d'aider.” D’Arcy said and started gathering up dishes.
“What?” Jarred said, distracted as he helped his mother.
“He asked to help.” Rachel said, smiling at D’Arcy.
Jarred looked at his mother in surprise. “You know French?” He asked, astonished.
“Yes, four years in high school, three in college, before I had you.” Rachel answered.
“Iz no problem, I help. I work at home for the personnes âgées in la France.” D’Arcy said as he started water to rinse the dishes.
“Personnes agees?” Jarred mangled the pronunciation as he pulled his mother’s pill bottles from the cupboard. 
“A nursing home for the elderly.” Rachel said.
Jarred just shook his head. “Mom, this is my friend D’Arcy.” Jarred belatedly introduced them. “D’Arcy, Rachel Duncan, my mom.” Jarred set the bottle on the table and opened it for his mother.
D’Arcy wiped his hands and took Rachel’s in one and kissed her knuckles. “Très agréable pour vous rencontrer, mme Duncan.” D’Arcy said.
Rachel blushed. “Nice to meet you too, D’Arcy. Thank you for helping.” Rachel said.
“Mon plaisir pour la mère de mon timide l'un.” D’Arcy said and returned to the dishes.
Rachel’s blue eyes rounded and she looked over at Jarred, then back at D’Arcy. Jarred didn’t notice her look as he opened the dishwasher to put the rinsed dishes in it. D’Arcy saw it, smiled and gave her a small nod. Rachel smiled back. She knew her son had been lonely and she felt guilty that he had to take care of her. He’d been taking care of her for nearly ten years, ever since she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. She’d once thought that Jarred and Kagen might get together, but Jarred had always said Kagen was just a friend, then they had attended Kagen’s and Croy’s commitment ceremony. Jarred hadn’t acted upset about it, but Rachel could see the sadness. She only hoped D’Arcy was as gentle and kind a soul as Kagen was. She didn’t want her son to get hurt. He’d had enough pain in his life.
“Mom, take your medication. D’Arcy, would you like to stay for dinner?” Jarred told his mother and then asked D’Arcy shyly.
“Merveilleux, oui.” D’Arcy said, and Jarred blushed. “Si doux, mon peu timide l'un” D’Arcy said in a whisper as he looked at Jarred, and then cleared his throat when Rachel stared at him. “I wish to help, s'il vous plait.” D’Arcy said in a louder voice.
Jarred nodded and began to pull ingredients from the fridge. An hour later, with dinner finished, the dishes done, Jarred helped his mother get ready for bed. When he had her settled, he turned to leave and she grabbed his arm. “Jarred. He’s a very nice man. Do you like him?” Rachel asked her son.
Jarred blushed. “Yes.” He said awkwardly.
“I’m glad. I know you have been lonely, even if you spend time with Kagen and Croy.” Rachel said, giving Jarred’s arm a squeeze. “Don’t let him go. I think he could make you happy.” Rachel said.
Jarred nodded, feeling uncomfortable talking about this. Despite the fact that his mother had no problems with his sexuality, he didn’t like discussing it with her.
Rachel laughed, knowing she was embarrassing Jarred. “Go on. Spend some time with your man.” She said lightly.
Jarred blushed again. “He’s not my man, mama.”
“But you want him to be. I can tell.” Rachel retorted with a chuckle.
“Yes.” Jarred said softly, and then left his mother’s room.
When he came back out to the living room, he found D’Arcy looking at the photos lined up on the bookshelf. “You were very cute as a child.” D’Arcy said as he gazed at the pictures.
Jarred stayed silent. What was he supposed to say to that? He sucked in a breath when D’Arcy turned and looked at him. There was no mistaking the heat in the man’s aqua eyes. “Um, are you ready for me to take you back to the campus?” Jarred asked nervously.
“No, I wish to stay here with you.” D’Arcy replied as he made his way over to stand in front of Jarred. Jarred stared down shyly. D’Arcy gently cupped Jarred’s chin and raised Jarred’s head. He leaned down and pressed his lips against the smaller man’s. Jarred was about to combust at the contact. D’Arcy’s lips were soft and warm and when D’Arcy lightly traced his tongue against Jarred’s lower lip, he opened for him. D’Arcy didn’t swoop in like so many men did. He explored gently, his tongue dancing slowly, sensually. Jarred was so aroused, it was painful.
Jarred felt D’Arcy wrap his arm around him and pull him tight against his hard body, his other hand caressed Jarred’s cheek and neck as the kiss deepened. Jarred couldn’t get over how gentle D’Arcy was. No grabbing or groping, and yet the kiss and D’Arcy’s hands on him still spoke of unbridled passion. It was true foreplay, something Jarred had never experienced before. Jarred finally broke the kiss, in dire need of oxygen.
“Show me your bedroom. Je souhaite faire l'amour à vous, mon timide petit l'un.” D’Arcy whispered. 
“What?” Jarred asked in confusion.
“Your bedroom. I wish to love on you.” D’Arcy repeated and Jarred’s heart nearly stopped beating. D’Arcy wanted to love him? Make love to him? To fuck? Jarred suddenly felt panicked, felt as if he was going to pass out, his knees going weak. No man had been so bold, so forthcoming with him and Jarred’s self consciousness overwhelmed him.
“Jhar-ed?” D’Arcy said, feeling Jarred trembling violently. “What scares you, mon timide l’un?”
Jarred just shook his head. What was he supposed to say? He wasn’t scared of sex, just that he would not be what D’Arcy expected. Wouldn’t be any good at it. Afraid D’Arcy would be disappointed in Jarred’s slight frame and average cock. Jarred knew he was no looker. Richard had made that very clear when he’d dumped Jarred. Plus, Richard was Jarred’s only sexual encounter. And Richard had constantly complained about Jarred’s lack of experience, despite knowing Jarred was a virgin when he hooked up with him. Jarred, too embarrassed over his naivety, never said a word when he knew Richard was cheating on him…with women.
“Mon timide l’un, s'il vous plait…please, tell me what upsets you.” D’Arcy said softly, his aqua eyes staring into Jarred’s brown ones. “Do you not wish my love?” D’Arcy added.
“No! I mean yes, but you won’t…I’m not…I have no experience. Only one boyfriend who didn’t like…who didn’t …love me.” Jarred managed to stutter out, his face going crimson at the admission.
D’Arcy’s lips pressed against Jarred’s again, tenderly. “Then he is a…a.. idiot sans valeur…a…” D’Arcy stopped, obviously frustrated. “He is worthless…not worthy of your beauty.” D’Arcy finished. “Come, show me to your bedroom.” D’Arcy repeated and turned Jarred to the hall that led off the living room.
Jarred shook his head. “No, not that way.” He said, and then led D’Arcy back toward the foyer and through a door off the right of the front entrance, down a flight of stairs to a large family room and then to a door in the corner. He opened the door, thankful his mother had taught him from a young age to always keep his room neat. He stood in the center, feeling awkward and unsure what to do, his hands clasped so tightly together, his knuckles were white, his eyes staring at his queen sized bed. D’Arcy had followed him closely and now pressed up against his back. Chills ran up and down Jarred’s spine when D’Arcy leaned down and nuzzled the tender skin of Jarred’s neck below his ear.

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GayRomLit 2012 - Day One

So, GayRomLit 2012…I was a newbie…and then I wasn’t. The whole event was awe inspiring for me, a shy introverted writer. I went in thinking I wouldn’t be recognized (my name at least) and I was wrong…and was filled with the warm fuzzies.
Overwhelmed and excited are just verbs, but they describe my feelings for four whole days. Those days were fun, the evenings were great and the nights were awesome! Sleep? What sleep? I met two of my three roommates for the first time, Karen Candido and Patti Logan. Awesome women, along with Nanette de Procure!! Love you gals!!
I met so many people I think it fried my brain. J I’m fairly good with names and faces, which was a plus as I met each writer/reader/publisher that attended (I did miss some as there were so many people there). I was pleased at the warmth and acceptance directed at me, a new writer at the bottom of the totem pole. I only had one bad experience with an introduction, and it occurred to me that that person might be uncomfortable in social situations (like I don’t know that feeling), so was not offended.
It was humbling to have people ask to have a picture taken with me. I’ve never had that before. I never wanted to be famous, but to be recognized for my books is a feeling I could get used to…or maybe something I’ll never get used to since it is so very nice. It was suggested that I practice my signature for next year. lol

Day one found me in among the other newbies (those that did not attend GRL 2011). We were broken up into groups…I got the LOUD group. Lol I’m not sure, but I think it was Angel Martinez’s idea to put people up on the chair…for those brave enough anyway. Here are a few of my fellow GRL’rs on the hot spot.

JR Boyd

Silvia Violet

Patricia Logan

To blast off the first day, that night we had ourselves some very nice eye candy....and I discovered Damon Suede is multitalented!! That man can write...and DANCE!! I was a good girl though, limiting my drinking to only two. After all, me dancing on the tables is NOT what anyone was there to see. I did have a beautiful young man in my lap for a moment and I wasn't the only one. J And as my roommates and I took a break outside, one of the dancers, Alexander kept us company. Such a cutie and very sweet!
There is the pretty young man who ended up in my lap, currently in Patti's and getting some attention from JR. I do believe Karen had some nice (if embarrassing) attention from him as well *wink*

Me and two of my roomies, Patti and Nanette

Again, two of my roomies, Patti and Karen, with a very beautiful Jared in the background.

And.....Damon showing Alexander his moves!

Come back again, and I’ll have more to reveal….

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Busy, busy, busy....

Wow!! Starting next week, I am going to be a very busy person. First, GayRomLit until the 22nd! *bounces* So very excited!!

Soon, I should have my winter antho back for second round edits. Keeping my fingers crossed there aren't too many!!

Then, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November. 50K written in 30 days! I think I can do it. I already have several ideas, just need to settle on one before the first of November. Bring it on!!

I also have a release coming out November 10 and need to promo my first Publishing House book!! That makes 10 published books!!! I think I'm on a roll.

I have a Warrior Vampire story due for submission my November 19th, which has been a priority lately.

I have a story in collaboration with another author with no deadline, but would like to get it finished before the end of the year.

THEN...I have entered the 2013 500K Challenge!! 500K words written in one year!! That sounds like fun!!

I have also committed myself to finishing two of the next Valley Love books in 2013, plus three other books.

I am going to back to the continuing Chapter story on my blog as well, giving my blog followers more of the story of Cayce Harper and his life in a free read.

I am anxiously awaiting a response to a submitted short story to Chances Press.

So very busy and loving every minute of it!!! There is nothing like the adrenaline rush of being an author. My dream come true!!

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Backlist Bloghop

Welcome all!! I am participating in the Backlist Bloghop this weekend. Here you will get to see some of my stories that have been out for a while. Leave a comment for a chance to win your choice of my backlist in ebook format. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Without further ado...

My first book written, A Mechanic's Dream (Book 1 of Valley Love series), takes place in my home state, between a millionaire and his mechanic. Kagan O'Connor has been abused, attacked and abandoned in his life. He never expected to have a man fall so deeply in love with him, that he edured near death to be with him.

My inspiration for Kagan
Lost and Found (Book 2 of Valley Love series) continues the story of Kagan and Croy, but focuses on Bailey. A young man in love with Croy Fischer, and left behind for Kagan. But Bailey has another from his past that he loves. Another that wants him too, though he doesn't know first. But Dugan has secrets he's not sure his Bailey can handle.

Once I began on this journey, I was hooked. Suddenly I had all these voices clammering in my head to write their stories. Thad and Haydin captured my attention for Phoenix. Bastian's sad life is revealed in The Reluctant Rent Boy and will continue in a future sequel. Kiran in Mirror, Mirror showed me that love can conquer all. 

Softly, under the loud voices, were the quiet ones. The ones that just wanted a small portion of my attention. So, Cody in A Friend's Revelation found love in his best friend, and  Art's world in A Painted Life, is spread out before us in his own words, all to a bitter-sweet end.

As I grew bolder and more confident in my writing, I teamed up with others from my genre to help create Back-Up and contribute Gillian's story in the IRM's Hot Summer Fun Anthology (where three men come together in an explosion of love and lust).

All my titles can be found on and several are on Smashwords and ARe.

(One winner will be selected from those that comment and will receive their choice of any one of my backlist titles in ebook format)

Please visit the other authors participating in this bloghop and see what they have in store for you:

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Chapter Story - His Forever - Chapter One

How many of you remember Chapter Books? I devoured those as a child. According to Wikipedia, Chapter Books are story books intended for the 7-10 year old range. They are more complex than picture books for beginning readers, yet are short enough for children without the attention span to finish books that are longer and more complicated.
I adored Chapter Books when I was little, but now that I’m an adult, and a published writer in my own right, I wondered how I could incorporate something I loved into what I do. So, I have created a story…in Chapters…to be loaded on my blog each week. This is a free read, work-in-progress story that will take you from the beginning, through a journey of discovery of life, love and acceptance.
This is the story of Cayce Harper, from his struggle into adolescence, the angst in learning he is gay, to the good—and bad relationships and choices he’s made. This is entirely fictional and is ultimately a love story. It will take you on a hard road to a happily ever after that will make laugh, cry and get angry.
Enjoy the journey…
Cayce ducked his head and raised his arms, trying to protect his face. He didn’t have time to worry why his best friend Megan was yelling his name. Not with Dane Flanders trying to pulverize him.
“You are such a wuss.”
Cayce didn’t argue. He was. Dane had been picking on him since they both started school. Why, Cayce didn’t know, but he was used to it by now. The bigger boy had always had it in for Cayce.
“Dane! Leave him alone!”
Megan. Why was she here? Cayce’s humiliation doubled at her defense of him. It was bad enough he was so much smaller than Dane that he couldn’t defend himself, but to have Megan, who was bigger than him too, stick up for him? He would never be able to show his face in school again.
“Go away little girl.”
Yea, Megan. Go away. Cayce didn’t need a girl showing him up, not that he was doing very well as Dane slammed his fist into Cayce’s head and knocked him to the ground—again. He could taste the coppery blood in his mouth from the first blow. Could feel his eye swelling. God, his mom was going to kill him! He’d already been grounded for fighting. Not that this could be called a fight. More like a beating. But there was no convincing his mother that he hadn’t instigated it. Cayce had a smart mouth, so his mom just assumed he asked for the bruises he sported nearly every day.
“Dane! I told you to leave him alone. Mrs. Penski is on her way!”
Oh, that was just fucking great! Mrs. Penski, the Assistant Principal and the second bane of Cayce’s existence. A woman that agreed entirely with his mother. He shook his head, trying to disperse the ringing in his ears. He heard Dane’s running steps, along with his two cronies, making a hasty retreat. He felt Megan’s cool hands on his arm, trying to help him up. “Stop. Leave me alone Meg.” His voice rasped and he jerked his arm out of her grip.
“Come on Cayce; let me at least help you up.”
“I don’t need your help.” Cayce looked up at Megan in time to see the hurt on her face. Damn it!! He didn’t mean to hurt her, but this was embarrassing. And, personally, Cayce would just as soon get the hell out of there before Mrs. Penski showed up. He shoved his way to his feet, ignoring his backpack that Dane had emptied all over the concrete walkway for the moment. His legs were wobbly and his head was pounding. He felt sick to his stomach and could feel the bruises on his side beginning to throb where Lance Chambers had kicked him. He kinda hoped he didn’t have any broken ribs. He didn’t want to listen to his mother gripe at having to take him to the hospital. She’d already warned him to knock it off the last time. And he sure as hell did not want to come under his father’s notice. No way, no how!
“Are you going to be ok?” Cayce cringed at Megan’s small voice. He ignored the question and slowly started to gather his school papers and text books and stuffing them back into his backpack.
“Just watch out for Mrs. Penski.” He growled at her.
“She’s not coming Cayce. I lied to get Dane to leave you alone.”
Cayce sighed in relief and then gave Megan a small smile. “Thanks Meg.” He didn’t mind that kind of help. She just nodded at him and then knelt to pick up a few pencils and a ruler that had skidded over by the boy’s bathroom door. She handed him what she’d gathered and then fell in step with him when he turned to make his way off the school grounds. He limped, his hip, where Lance had also kicked him throbbing with his head. Maybe he could sneak in without his mother noticing.
“I have my foundation with me.”
Cayce nodded silently to Megan’s whispered words. He’d borrowed her makeup plenty of times over the last two years to cover the evidence of Dane’s bullying. He’d hoped, at thirteen and in junior high that Dane would find other things to occupy his time, but apparently, beating up on Cayce was Dane’s favorite thing to do. Megan remained silent by his side as they headed across the football field towards the woods that separated the school from their neighborhood. They would stop in the middle so Cayce could use Megan’s makeup to hide the bruises he knew peppered his face. It wouldn’t conceal the puffiness of his black eye, but maybe his mother wouldn’t notice. She wasn’t really that observant and tonight was her ladies poker night, so he probably wouldn’t see her at all. He counted himself lucky that Dane’s fist had missed splitting his lip this time.
Cayce stopped by their favorite tree, a weeping willow that had to be twenty or thirty years old. It was tall, thick and Cayce and Megan had made a hideaway under the sweeping branches almost seven years ago. It was their place. Cayce had found it first, hiding from Dane. He’d brought Megan here after they had fought over a soccer ball at the park and Megan pinned him to the ground laughing. They had become fast friends, best friends and Cayce loved Megan like a sister. Now, years later, they had added touches that reflected each of them. Megan’s favorite books, Cayce’s flair for multicolored rugs, all hidden under a water proof tarp to protect them.
Cayce pushed aside the branches, making his way to the center, Megan glancing around and then following him closely. They pulled the tarp off the ground together, hooking it to the nails that were buried in the tree trunk and tying it to some of the more sturdy branches. While Cayce finished securing the tarp, Megan started unfolding the rugs and making sure her precious book collection was dry and safe. Once she had things situated, she beckoned to Cayce.
“Come on. Let’s get you prettied up.”
Cayce would have rolled his eyes if his face didn’t hurt so badly. Megan was always calling him pretty. Even accused him of being prettier than most girls she knew. Cayce didn’t think so. He thought Megan was beautiful. She had light blond curly hair that was thick and silky and fell past her shoulders. She had huge blue eyes with long sandy colored eyelashes, and a pixie face that any guy should like. She had a bubbly personality with a shy streak that came out when she was complimented. Cayce was kind of surprised Megan didn’t have a boyfriend already.
He limped his way to her and slowly lowered himself to the rugs she’d laid out. He winced as he crossed his legs and scooted closer to her.
“Aww, he ripped your shirt.” Cayce could hear the disgust in her tone and looked down to see a large hole at the bottom of his t-shirt. He would have shrugged, not caring, except the shirt was one Megan had given him on his birthday a couple of months ago.
“Sorry Meg.” He mumbled. Dane was always ruining everything. Cayce had gone through a lot more clothes then most boys his age did. Dane ripping, stretching, staining with food or blood, burn holes. Another thing Cayce's mother complained about.
“It’s ok Cayce. I’m just glad you aren’t hurt too bad.”
Cayce didn’t say anything as Megan pulled her foundation from her bag and began to softly apply it.
“At least he didn’t make you bleed this time.”
Cayce gave a snort to that observation and held up his hands, palm side up for Megan to see. Cuts across both oozed blood.
“Oh Cayce.”
Cayce didn’t want to hear the sadness in her voice. He just leaned away and pulled an old towel from the crate that sat against the trunk of the tree. He wiped his hands, ignoring the stinging, and then tossed the towel back into the crate. He rummaged around and pulled out a tube of antibiotic ointment. Slowly, over time, both Cayce and Megan had added to what they called the “Dane-aid kit”. Antibiotic ointment, burn ointment, band-aids, ace bandages, gauze, tape, antiseptic wipes, iodine and a multitude of other things. Even a bottle of Pepto-Bismol for when Dane hurt Cayce enough to make his insides churn with pain.
Megan took the tube of ointment from him and set it aside. She finished with his face, and then searched for a couple of antiseptic wipes, before adding ointment to the cuts. They were in an awkward place, so she didn’t bother putting band-aids on him.
“When is he ever going to stop?”
Cayce could hear the despair in Megan’s voice. He shrugged. “I don’t think he’s going to quit until we graduate, or he kills me.” He ignored Megan’s gasp. Dane had hurt Cayce enough to go to the hospital on several occasions. Cayce didn’t doubt that Dane could kill him. Why he would want to he still didn’t know, but knowing wouldn’t change anything anyway. Megan didn’t say a word and Cayce looked up to see tears in her eyes. He sighed and leaned forward enough to gather her into his arms. He hugged her tight. “Thanks Meggie.” He whispered. Megan carefully hugged him back and then extracted herself from his embrace. She dug in her bag and pulled a bottle of aspirin out. She shook out three, handed them to him and grabbed a bottle of water from their stash next to the crate.
“I just wish he’d leave you alone Cayce. You don’t deserve what he’s doing to you. I mean, what the hell did you ever do to him? I wish you hadn’t made me swear not to tell anyone.”
Cayce shrugged tiredly. He had no answer for her. He took the aspirin and then lay out on the rugs, staring at the swaying branches above his head. Megan made herself comfortable, resting her head on his chest, entwining their fingers together, but being careful of the cuts on his palm. They remained silent listening to the crickets and cicadas. There had never been any need for them to fill up space talking.
Despite Megan’s comment, she was well aware why Cayce had her swear not to tell anyone about the bullying. Cayce’s father. The man was ex-military, high tempered and as macho as they came. He was also the local Sheriff. Cayce had been a sore disappointment to the man since his birth. Cayce was always extremely glad when his father went out of town because of the arguments between his parents. Arguments that were always about him. Though his dad had never laid a hand on his mother, Cayce had felt his temper plenty of times. The more he stayed out of Jordon Harper’s spotlight, the better.
The silence wore on and Cayce’s eyes drooped. He even thought he might have dozed for a while. When he became aware of his surroundings, it was just starting to get dark, the lowering sun painting the sky in vibrant colors.
“Come on Meg, I need to get you home.”
Megan hauled herself up, stretching and giving a groan from the stiffness of the hard ground. Cayce sucked in a breath as he eased himself to a standing position, his entire body crying out in agony. He would have to take some more painkillers when he got home.
“How’s my makeup?”
Megan smiled, which was his intention. Anything to get the look of worry off her face.
“You are gorgeous as always Cayce.”
Cayce snorted and shook his head at her. He turned to grab his backpack and slowly made his way under the branches until he could see past the outer edge of them. He glanced everywhere to make sure they were not observed and then led Megan on towards their homes. Megan’s house was first, and then two doors down was Cayce’s house. He groaned when he saw his mother’s car in the drive. She shouldn’t be home.
“Are you going to get in trouble?” The worry in Megan’s voice was back.
“Probably.” Was all Cayce could answer. Unless he could sneak in fast enough to get to his room. That he was getting home before dark was a plus. Then his mother wouldn’t have reason to reprimand him.
“I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
Megan tsked. “Should you be coming to school tomorrow?”
“I have to Meg or mom will know something’s up. You know that.”
Megan looked sadly at him. “Ok, I’ll see you.” She gave him a hug and then trotted across her front lawn, disappearing behind her front door.
Cayce turned towards his own house and took a deep, steadying breath.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where are all the open minded guys?

I belong to one of those dating sites, like, but not. I don’t take it seriously, but actually have had a couple of dates through it. Nothing that panned out, but that’s an entirely different story.
As most know, I write gay erotic romance and am an advocate for the gay community. So, that being said, I will not date a man who thinks homosexuality is wrong. He would not be worth my time, regardless of what I write.
Now, here’s the interesting thing. I have been keeping track of all the “matches” I’m emailed and the men who visit my profile. There is a section where you can answer nearly 800 questions, and many of those questions consist of sexual situations. Examples:
Have you ever had a same-sex encounter?
What would you think of two women fondling each other at a bar?
Would you date someone who has slept with someone of the same sex?
What would you do if you saw a same-sex couple kissing in the park?
All of these questions come with multiple-choice, premade answers. But, I’ll give you the answer that annoys me the most. And is the HIGHEST picked answer:
Girl on girl is ok, but guy on guy is wrong.
How freaking hypocritical is that!! How can an adult, supposedly educated man believe its ok for two women to have a sexual relationship, but not two men? Where does an answer like that come from? Does it go back to the number one fantasy men have of being with two girls? Does it come from the deep seated lessons in what is acceptable as masculine? Is it the result of society’s reluctance to include two men being intimate in shows/movies/commercials?
Women fought for equal rights for a lot of years, but in the concept of sexual innuendo and media, they have surpassed men…at least in straight men’s point of view. “Yea, sure, it’s ok with us if two girls get it on. Yehaw, let us watch!” Mention two men doing the same? The room clears and crickets can be heard. Well….and my cheers of “Bring it on!!” J
Is it right for me to think that straight men need a lesson in ‘live and let live’? How does it affect them anyway? They are straight. It’s not as if some gay guy is going to come along, touch them and suddenly, OMG, I need to start screwing guys!! And what about the words “sexual preference”? Being gay is not a preference, not a choice—it’s who that person is, the gender they are attracted to.
Ugh, I digress.
My point being, as a single woman who would like to meet a nice man to spend time with, maybe even fall in love with, why can’t straight men be just a bit more open minded and understand that there are all kinds of relationships and none are wrong? Homosexuality is not a threat! Get over it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sub Zero Launch and a Bit of Galactic History

So, trolling through the Galactic University’s library, I came across a copy of Feldson’s A Brief History of Human Expansion (Tardis and Wells, 2935) Thought I’d share a little with you…

An excerpt from Chapter 11 - Post-Andalusian Socio-economic Systems:

“…could only be described as a plutocracy in its waning days. While several factors, including over-expansion and the increasing isolation and extreme lifestyle choices of the ruling elite have been cited in an attempt to explain the fall of the Andalusian Corporation as the galaxy’s largest governmental body, the courage of a small band of planets in the Eridani Sector, the center of the eventual rebellion, should not be dismissed.

The Eridani Rebellion, called in ESTO territories simply “The Revolution,” resulted in several splinter groups joining the fight against the aging corporate empire, including the Interstellar Hanseatic League and the Adanai Collective. But ESTO, the Eradani Sector Treaty Alliance, remains to this day the largest of those splinter groups, far-flung and cultural versatile, though uniquely suspicious of anything smacking of Empire…”

This post revolution universe is where Aren Dalsgaard, an officer of the Revolution, is reawakened. Hard for a freedom fighter to see what’s become of fighting the good fight. Come join him as he rejoins the universe and fights to make sense of it all in –

M/M Science Fiction Mystery
An AmberPax Forbidden Liaisons story



Major Aren Dalsgaard's newest assignment is to investigate a series of murders on the frigid planet, Drass, where relations between the Treaty settlers and the natives have taken a nasty turn. A linguist and trained xenologist, Major Dalsgaard should be the ideal Special Investigations officer for the assignment. So what's the problem? Drass is where he died, over a hundred and twenty years ago.

Sent by his family to the chigyel city, Nyachung finds himself confronted with a murder charge, racial prejudice, and a man who claims to be a hero from his grandmother’s generation. The man could be crazy or he could be lying. But the sincerity in those spring-green eyes disturbs Nyachung more than anything else he encounters in the foreigners’ city.


Thuds and muffled screams came from the lab up ahead, only serving to underscore the sergeant’s anxiety. Aren bulled through the door and skidded to a stop, speechless in shock. Nyachung lay on his back on the gurney, stripped to the waist, arms stretched out to either side and strapped down to extensions. The staff had shoved something soft between his teeth, either to keep him from breaking them or to keep him from screaming too loud, and they had electro-pulse leads attached to his forearms, directly over the venom sacs and spur pads. The shocks from the hookup came in pairs, the first forcibly extending his arm spurs and the second zapping the sac in an attempt to force the venom out.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Aren bellowed.

The tech stared at him, nonplussed. “Getting your venom sample, sir.”

“By torturing him?”

“It’s standard operating procedure, sir.”

“Since when is physical abuse standard procedure in any branch of the service?”

Sergeant Wickstrom gave him a little nudge. “Sir, use of force in the obtaining of information or cooperation is up to the discretion of the facility commander. It’s in the manuals.”

“In the—you must be joking.”

“Afraid not, sir.”

Aren rubbed both hands over his face. “God. Barbaric century.” Then he stalked over to the tech. “Unhook him, please. Not only is this inefficient, it’s inhumane. Do you have any idea, Corporal, how sensitive those venom sacs are?”

The hapless Corporal gulped a breath. “I…don’t know, sir.”

“Imagine hooking one of those damn things up to your testicles and then shoving another up your urethra. That should give you some idea.”

“Yes, sir.”

The poor tech had turned green. Aren patted his shoulder, not wanting the boy to pass out. “Just turn it off. Unhook him. There’s a better way to do this. Several, actually. You could have just asked him for a sample, but now that he’s a shuddering mess, he’ll need some help.”

While the tech unhooked the leads, Aren went around the gurney undoing straps.

“Sir, you know he’s a murder suspect, right?”

“Oh, yes. Terribly dangerous, I’m sure. Maybe you should stand back. Safety first.” Aren perched hipshot on the edge of the gurney and gathered Nyachung into his arms as he switched to dangpo. “Are you with me, little one?”

“Why are they doing this?” Nyachung tangled both fists in the front of Aren’s jacket, shaking uncontrollably.

“Sh, sh, they want some of your venom. To compare it to the venom in the woman you found. If it’s not your venom, then you didn’t kill her.”

A hoarse sound, more sob than laugh came from the little tale-singer. “They could have said so.”

“Yes, they should have.” Aren held up a collection tube. “Can you do it on your own?”

Nyachung held out one shaking arm, well away from Aren. He curled his fingers, forearm muscles contracting. “I can’t,” he gasped out.

Gently, Aren placed his hand under Nyachung’s elbow. “Will you let me help you? I know we’re strangers and this is in front of others, but it would be better than their way.”

Black eyes gazed up at him, wet with unshed tears of pain. “All right. Do you… have you done this?”

“I have.” Aren let his thumb massage the tense forearm muscles a moment, Then he reached around, encircling Nyachung with his arms, partially hiding him from prying eyes. He pressed gently on the pad with his thumb, pushing the arm spur out as one would a cat’s claw. Keeping the pressure constant and the collection tube held over the spur in two fingers, he turned his attention to the venom sac. Besides the obvious places, this was the most sensitive spot on a dangpo male’s body.

He caressed the tender, abused skin, barely holding back the urge to curl forward and kiss the spot where the electro-pulse had been. Nyachung made a sweet, whimpering sound that shot straight to his balls and Aren hoped he was holding the stone-faced expression he was trying for. He began to massage the sac, his thumb describing slow, gentle circles. Nyachung twitched in his arms.

“Easy, little one, easy. As soon as you’re able.”

With a soft cry, Nyachung hid his face against Aren’s chest, his body shuddering with pain as he released his venom. His poor sacs would most likely be tender for days but he had managed enough to fill the tube.

“There. Not so terrible, was it?”

The young man shook his head, still clinging to the front of Aren’s jacket.

“Here. Run this as a priority.” Aren held out the collection tube for the tech to take.

The lab tech took it gingerly, as if it might burn him. “Are you, ah, escorting the prisoner back to his cell, Major?”

No, I’m going to hold him until he stops shaking like he’s coming apart. “He needs to be in medical, Corporal, not a cell. Still a chance he might go into shock.”


Crisis averted and prisoner carted off on a stretcher to medical, Aren leaned against the corridor wall, the bridge of his nose pressed between thumb and forefinger.

“That was a brave thing to do, sir,” Sergeant Wickstrom offered.


“Wasn’t being critical, Major. It was just courage, plain and simple, doing what you know is right.”

He lifted his head to meet her steady gaze. “That almost sounded like admiration, Sergeant.”

“Yes, sir. But don’t let it go to your head.”

“Never, Sergeant. Heaven forbid.”