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Introduction of Lucian Van Carlyle from Guiding the Darkness - WIP

Well, it seems that my vampire, Lucian Van Carlyle is not only a bit jealous of the bite that sexy Lucas Fairbourne gave me, but wants a little action himself. Why, I’m not sure when his lover is an honest to goodness angel. *shakes head* His guardian angel and lover. What more could an undead man ask for? Well, let’s see what the greedy vamp has to say for himself.
Me: Ok Lucian. You now have my undivided attention. So, what has your panties in a wad? Manir not giving you enough attention?
Lucian: My dear Ms. G, Manir keeps me protected and satisfied more than you could possibly know.
Me *snorts*: Uh, I think I’m…intimately…acquainted with how well he keeps you. Which begs me to ask, why the attitude over Lucas?
Lucian *eyes going dark*: Simple my dearest. He exudes sex appeal that Manir cannot. Manir is light. He is love. He is not the dark creature that I am…nor Lucas. And Lucas doesn’t have wings.
Me: What could you possibly have against Manir’s wings? Especially since, even as a vampire, you love him?
Lucian: My love for Manir is beyond your comprehension. However, many occasions, Manir’s wings have been…problematic.
Me: Problematic?
Lucian *looking uncomfortable*: Yes, but I will not explain myself to the likes of you. You are a mere mortal. You could not possibly understand what immortals must endure to be together.
Me: I think I understand just fine. Please, enlighten me to your interpretation.
Lucian: No, I will not. However, you may do a courtesy for me.
Me *looking incongruous*: Oh, and what might that be, your darkness?
Lucian *smiling slyly*: You must introduce me to this Lucas Fairbourne.
Me *snorting again*: I will not. Lucas is mated to Kieran Teague. He is not for you. I won’t have you gallivanting around behind Manir’s back.
Lucian *looking angry*: You will do this for me. I can compel you to do as I demand.
Me: Oh please. Give me a break. The moment you consummated your love with Manir, you lost that ability. His light shines in you now. You cannot compel. You cannot feed from anyone but him. You cannot wrap yourself in your darkness as you once used to. Lucas and his mate Kieran are off limits.
Lucian: You mock me woman! I will not tolerate such…such…disrespect.
Me: I respect you Lucian, but I will not help you cheat on your lover.
Lucian *looking annoyed*: Tis not cheating if I told him.
Me: Go ahead. I’m sure that will go over real well with him.
Lucian *hesitating*: Well, maybe not.
Me: That’s what I thought. Do you honestly want to ruin what you have with an angel, only for a temporary infatuation for another vampire?
Lucian *looking away*: No.
Me: Besides Lucian. You can’t anyway. To do so would break your bond with Manir. He knows your mind and body. He will know instantly what you’ve done. He loves you. Probably more than you could ever know. Don’t destroy that over desire and lust for something meaningless. And you must remember, Lucas is mated. He most likely won’t have anything to do with you anyway.
Lucian *looking affronted*: I could get anyone I wanted. Don’t doubt that I am worthy of another vampire. I am worthy of an angel from the heavens. Another vampire would be nothing compared to that!
Me *smirking*: Exactly Lucian. Go home. Get what you need from your lover. I know he can stop any feelings you may imagine with another. Go home.
Lucian: Fine, woman. But only because I chose to go, not because you have so ordered.
Well, seems I managed to talk Lucian out of doing something disastrous. I have no idea what got into him. Well, actually I do. Lucas is luscious. But Lucian needs to remember he has a lover that adores him and he needn’t look any further than Manir for what he needs.
Manir: Indeed.

Flash Fiction Friday

Real or Imagined?

Welcome my friends to another Flash Fiction Friday where a group of creative crazies get together to write 100 words, no more, no less about a picture.

She’s mine. I made her. She has no mind, but her skin is soft as rose petals. Her hair sleek and shiny; her body perfect. Well rounded in all the right areas. Isn’t she exquisite? You may look. You may not touch.
Why, you ask? Because if you touch her, she will disappear. My imagination is powerful, but not so powerful that another’s touch will destroy what I have so painstakingly created. My beautiful creature will only last for a while anyway.
Ah, water. The bane of my creativity. Drops to wash away my lovely female. She will be missed.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday

I find it interesting, this happiness they seem to have for each other. Will he recognize me? Will she know who I am? The pain of their forgetfulness runs deep. Their betrayal a twisting knife. Many nights, for weeks, into years I have wondered why they chose to brush me aside like so much trash. What did I do to them? What shame or embarrassment did I make them endure to suddenly find me invisible? Well, soon they will discover the error of their actions. Soon, they will remember me. And when they do, it won’t be a pleasurable time.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Introduction of Characters - Sander and Kiran

Good day all!! Last week you got to meet Haydin and Thad, with cameos from Clarissa and Shea. This time around, I hope you will be excited to meet Sander and Kiran. Now, for those who have read Mirror, Mirror, in that reality, you are about to meet two famous gay porn stars.
And just to get your blood going, they have agreed to a small, but erotic scene for us. Without further ado, I give you Sander and Kiran…
Me: Hey boys! How are you?
Sander (beaming): “I’m always good.”
Kiran (with shy frown): “Sander’s always good.”
Me (chuckles): “What’s wrong Kiran? Aren’t you happy?”
Kiran (frown now gone): “I’m happy. I have this man to make me happy.”
Sander (pulling Kiran close and nuzzling his neck): “You always have me babe.”
Me (chuckling and shaking my head):  “Really guys? Can you give me five minutes before you are ripping each other’s clothes off?”
Sander (looking at me smugly): That’s all your fault. You are the one that made us insatiable for each other. Now I love him, and want him and always will.”
Kiran (rolls eyes at Sander): “Insatiable is right.”
Sander (looking softly at Kiran): “And love.”
Me: “Ok, ok. Looks as if I need to wander off to the side and let you guys get on with it.”
Sander waved me off. “Nice set by the way.”
Me (laughing): “Thank Sasha.”
Sander pulled Kiran into his arms. “You ok, babe? You didn’t talk much.” Sander whispered, concerned. “I’m fine Sander. I just don’t like talking about my feelings to strangers.” Kiran whispered back, sliding his lips across the short stubble on Sander’s jaw. “She’s hardly a stranger.” Sander said with amusement. Kiran huffed. “You know what I mean.” Kiran hissed at Sander.
Kiran’s objections were promptly cut off as Sander leaned down and took his mouth, his tongue running along Kiran’s lower lip to let him in. Kiran opened immediately, loving the way Sander wasted no time in devouring his mouth, stealing his breath away. It was always like this with Sander.
Kiran moved his hands up under Sander’s shirt and worked it off of his broad shoulders and tossing it aside. Hands everywhere, Kiran gasped as Sander moved to lick and suck his neck. It was a good thing they were exclusive the way Sander liked to mark his body.
Without breaking the kiss, Sander proceeded to remove Kiran’s clothing. Not that there was much; a t-shirt, jeans and flip-flops. The minute Kiran was naked, Sander’s big hands were on his ass, pulling him tight against him and grinding them together. “Too many clothes, Sander.” Kiran managed to growl out.
Sander finally pulled back, giving the both a moment to catch their breaths and removed his own clothing. Kiran’s eyes roamed over the magnificent body that was all his. As focused as ever, Kiran didn’t even remember they had an audience.
Sander pulled Kiran back into his arms, an index finger tapping the plug that was snuggly buried in Kiran’s ass. Kiran would have grinned if Sander wasn’t kissing him again. They’d decided it would be a good idea to have Kiran already prepared since they knew they had promised a show for this interview.
Kiran suddenly gasped as Sander took a hold of said plug and started pumping it in and out of Kiran’s hot channel. “Sander….” Kiran whimpered as the plug nudged up against his gland. “I’ve got you babe.” Sander rasped out, the desire thick in his voice.
Kiran would definitely thank Sasha later for allowing the bed from their studio to be brought here as Sander pushed him towards it. Then Kiran suddenly found himself turned, with his back to Sander and his lover pushing him up on the bed. “Hold onto the headboard.” Sander ordered harshly. Kiran’s heart rate rocketed at the sound of that husky voice and he scrambled up to do as Sander asked.
Sander was nearly in overdrive. This wasn’t going to last long. He turned Kiran and pushed him up onto the bed from the studio and made him hold onto the headboard. He planned on fucking his man from behind, with Kiran in his lap. Not a position they did very often.
Sander knee walked up to place his larger body against Kiran’s back, wrapped on arm around Kiran to stroke his swollen cock, the other hand pulling Kiran’s long black hair aside so he could kiss and nuzzle the nape of Kiran’s neck. It never ceased to amaze Sander how responsive Kiran was to his touch. He jacked his lover a few times, spreading the pre-cum already leaking from it. He rocked is hips, sliding his engorged shaft up and down Kiran’s crack, which moved the plug inside him. “Sander….” Sander heard Kiran’s plea.
Sander paused only long enough to remove the plug and slick his throbbing erection before pushing his way inside Kiran in one long smooth thrust. Both men groaned with pleasure. Sander was too close to the edge to draw this out, so spread his knees wider, grabbed Kiran’s slim hips and thrust up into Kiran’s body fast and deep. The gasps and moans coming from his lover told him he was seesawing across Kiran’s prostate, which he knew this position would do. Sweat poured down his back, his balls beginning their trek upwards.
Kiran was surprised at Sander’s choice in position. It was rare for Sander to take him from behind, much less have him practically sitting in his lap. But then, Sander was always full of the unexpected. Kiran bucked into Sander’s hand when he began to stroke him, only to groan heavily, his head dropping down between his shoulders, when Sander removed the plug to replace it with his impressive cock. When Sander spread his knees, Kiran did too and used his hold on the headboard to meet every thrust from his lover.
After several more thrusts, Sander’s arms came around Kiran. He grabbed Kiran’s bobbing erection with one hand, jacking it to the rhythm of his thrusts, the other hand he placed over Kiran’s on the headboard, trapping Kiran against him. Kiran groaned. Sander knew damn good and well what surrounding Kiran's body with his own was going to do and Kiran couldn’t have stopped the climax that slammed through him even if he wanted to. He grunted, his hold on the headboard so tight, the metal creaked. The groan that came from Sander told him that his lover had reached his release as well.
Sander tried to ride the edge of his orgasm, but when Kiran’s channel tightened around him and his hand was suddenly covered in wet heat, Sander lost the battle. He thrust one more time, groaning loudly as he filled his lover’s body with his seed. He held Kiran through their aftershocks, both their bodies trembling. Once their breaths had quieted down, Sander carefully sat back on his heels and pulled Kiran more fully into his lap, his softening member still buried in his lover.
Sander used his clean hand to turn Kiran’s head, kissing him tenderly. “I love you.” He said. Kiran’s face flushed as he gazed into Sander’s hazel eyes. “I love you too.” Kiran whispered and Sander smiled at him. Kiran didn’t say it often, still uncomfortable with declarations out loud, so when he did, Sander treasured the words.
Sander eased them down, avoiding the wet spot. Slipping from Kiran’s body, Sander spooned around his smaller lover. He grabbed the comforter and covered them. Then nuzzled his face into his Kiran’s soft hair, taking a deep breath of his lover’s essence. God, how he loved this man.
Kiran let Sander move him, too exhausted to care and knowing Sander would take care of him. He pushed his body back against Sander’s warmth; his heart skipping as Sander covered them, then wrapped his strong arms around him. "Jesus, Sander. What you fucking do to me." He whispered. He would never stop loving this man, even if he didn’t say it often. He would always show Sander exactly how he felt.
Me (giving a dreamy sigh): “There are my boys, hope you enjoyed their show. Now, let’s give them some privacy people.”

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Being shy, friends and writing...

I know I’ve mentioned many times that I am shy. Painfully shy. I was the consummate wall flower in my younger years, especially in school. Invisible. Unnoticed. Ignored. It’s not a nice thing. Self-esteem doesn’t exist. Confidence is not reality. A painful place to be. And probably why I can sympathize with every other teen that went through the same thing, whether because they were poor, gay, shy or just a nonconformist.
I will admit I had friends. Other kids, some outcasts like me that I got along with and even had fun with. I had close friends from the time I was about eight, until I turned sixteen. Then, they were gone. Gone because I had to move away. I never found those kinds of friends again. And finding close friends as an adult is insurmountable. The kind of close friends that you are comfortable with, without even thinking. The ones that accept you as you are. The ones that will hug you or casual touches that mean the world to you, but are par for the course. The ones that want to spend time with you just because they like you. The ones that know you, inside and out and don’t care that you are shy or an introvert…or weird.
Now, I have learned, as an adult, there is a byproduct of being shy. I live in my own little world. And in that world, I am supreme. The queen. The popular one that everyone adores. In other words, fantasy. And what is fantasy? The dictionary defines it as follows:
Imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained. 
The forming of mental images, especially wondrous or strange fancies; imaginative conceptualizing.
A mental image, especially when unreal or fantastic; vision.
An imagined or conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need; daydream.

Well, yes, it does, in fact, describe my world. My world that includes any and all things that interest me, that make my heart beat faster, that makes my soul sing and my mind wander. That makes me happy. And then the byproduct of my world? The need, the want, the compulsion to write about what I imagine. I write gay erotic romance. But that is not all I write. I have poems. I have stories that are fantasy, science fiction, paranormal. They are all there. My imagination is not limited….ever.
Then I think…is my world what is keeping me from making friends? Honestly, I don’t know. I was never good at making friends. Always thinking of myself as weird, nerdy and beneath most people. Who wants to be friends with someone like me? Oh, there’s that lack of self-esteem and confidence rearing its ugly head again. *sigh* I’ve heard many an author say that writers are needy, that they crave acceptance and need validation whenever possible. Oh, then I am sooo very much a writer. Needy, very needy. But I’m ok with that, even if it is embarrassing. I’m used to being embarrassed.

Six Sentence Sunday

Here is my first Six Sentence Sunday...a glimpse into Mirror, Mirror when Kiran first lays eyes on Sander. Enjoy!!

Kiran opened the door, closed it and turned. He nearly gasped when his eyes landed on…Sander. The man was absolutely stunning and Kiran knew he hadn’t seen him before. He would have remembered, and probably embarrassed himself by wanting to hump the guy’s leg. And he was going to get to suck this God’s cock? Oh yeah!!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday

"Jesse? Do you want to?” He asked me. I felt his warm hand wrap around my waist. This was scary. And exciting. Don and I’d come to the woods to be alone. Something difficult for us with our families being so interfering. I was sure I wanted to have sex. But with Don, it didn’t feel like sex. It felt like lovemaking and that wasn’t something I was prepared for. I didn’t know of Don felt the same way, even though every touch from him was tender. I finally turned, threading my fingers through his dark hair. “Love me, please.”

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The Introduction of Characters - Haydin & Thad...

I know that many authors in the genre I write like to introduce their characters as practically real people. They have them do blogs; have them set up with their own Facebook accounts, etc. I find this a fascinating concept, though I have heard comments here and there that it’s a silly, childish thing to do. I disagree. As a reader as well as an author, I think, to interact with a character from a beloved book is almost as grand and exciting as meeting and conversing with a true celebrity.
To that end, I want to introduce a few characters. Knowing Haydin, he will try to take over the blog, so I will attempt to keep him on a short leash. His lover, Thad is much more laid back. They most likely will be surrounded by the minor characters that can’t seem to stay away from them. I plan on introducing characters once a week and hope that you enjoy a glimpse into their banter, thoughts and personalities as much as I do.
Haydin and Thad from Phoenix –
Me: Alright Haydin, tell us how you and Thad are doing.
Haydin: We’re fine. Better than ever, though very tired from walking the halls with the twins.
Me: So, finding fatherhood a bit daunting? Did you ever expect your life to go in that direction?
Haydin: No, not really. When I realized I loved Thad, I thought it too late to ever get him back. No one knew where he was or what had happened to him. I never would have agreed to the commitment ceremony with Jonathan if I’d known Thaddy would come back.
Me (watching Haydin stare over at Thad. Thad’s face is fairly blank, so I decide to see about drawing him out of his shell): Thad? How are you handling all the extra responsibility?
Thad: Uh, it’s fine. I love Piper and Ryan. They’re beautiful and make me laugh.
Me (smiling): They would be how old now?
Haydin: Six months.
Clarissa: Haydin! She asked Thad, not you.
Me (grinning now): Hi Clarissa! So, do you help with the babies?
Clarissa (looking smug): I do. So does Shea. It’s going to be such fun when they are older and Sharisa is old enough to play with them too.
Thad: She’s only three months younger, Rissa. She’ll be growing up with them.
Clarissa (rolling her eyes): I know big brother.
Haydin (chuckling): Clarissa would have Sharisa sharing a crib with them if we didn’t have the babies in bed with us, right babe?
Thad (blushing): Yea, probably.
Shea: Not on my watch! I love you guys, but we don’t live in a commune. Next thing you know, you’ll have us all sharing a bed.
Haydin (laughing hard): Yea, no, I don’t think so little brother. It’s hard enough sharing Thad with the babies. I sure as hell am not sharing our bed with you or Clarissa. Not happening. I have a mind to make you guys babysit so I can get my man alone for two seconds.
Shea: Two seconds, huh? Man, you don’t last long.
Thad: Shea!!!
Haydin: Dream on Shea. I last plenty long enough. Thad’s got nothing to complain about.
Thad (looking coy): Neither do you.
Shea (groaning): Oh man, you guys are going to degenerate into the trashy talk, aren’t you? Come on Clarissa, time for us to go.
Haydin (waving): See ya!! Call me later this week and we’ll take the babies to the park.
Me:  Sounds as if you two are finally happy after all that has happened, right?
Haydin (clearing his throat): I know I’m happy. I love Thad with all my heart. Love our children too.
Thad: When I really think about it, what I went through to get to this point was all worth it. I love Haydin. Have since I was seventeen. It’s not something that ever went away. Sometimes I get scared. Thinking it’s all a dream and I’m going to wake up and it will be all gone. No babies, Haydin will be with Jonathan, I’ll be alone and Clarissa will be on her own.
Haydin (moving to hug Thad): Aww, babe. I didn’t know that. Why didn’t you tell me?
Thad (mumbling): Because it’s stupid.
Haydin (giving Thad a kiss): No it’s not sweetheart. It’s the way you feel. For the record, I’m not going anywhere and if it’s a dream, it’s a dream come true. I love you.
Ok, looks as if Haydin and Thad are having a moment, which is my clue to leave them be. I’ve already written about their intimate connections, so don’t need to hang around. Hope you enjoyed this little insight into Haydin’s and Thad’s life.
Next week, I’ll see if I can get my boys from Butch’s studio to come in and chat. Kiran and Sander are such sweethearts; I just know you’ll fall in love with them. Might even talk them into a scene as well. That means, better not check out that blog while at work. These boys are very hot when they are together. *fans self*
Until next time, love hard and forever and you will never go wrong.