Monday, November 28, 2011

Accidental Alpha #28

After everyone sat down, Fenris asked again. “Mom, where’s Peter? He never called his stepfather anything but by his first name. The two never really bonded even if the man did help raise him. Wolves went by scent and to Fenris, Peter had never smelled quite right.
“I left him.” His mother’s voice had a hardness he’d never heard before.
“But why?”
“I found out he was cheating on me.”
“I’ll kill him,” Fenris’ father growled. “How dare he cheat on my mate!”
Stanley leaned over and whispered in Fenris’ ear. “You’re family is strange.”
Fenris nodded.
His mother sat down next to his father. They exchanged smiles but it was more the smile of old friends than hot spark between mates. His father patted his mother’s hand as if united towards a common enemy.
“He said he wanted someone who cared for him. I’ve washed that man’s underwear for ten years. If that doesn’t say love what does?”
Fenris’ father shook his head. “You can come and stay with me, pet. I’ll gut him if he comes around.”
His mother laughed. “Thanks Van. I kicked that no good jerk to the curb. I think I can handle him.”
“Hmm. Did Fenris tell you his mate is a Prime.”
“No!” Fenris’ mother gasped as she examined Stanley closer.
“Yeah, he knocked me on my ass.”
“Serves you right playing alpha games with the boy. You’re lucky he didn’t kill you.”
His father shrugged. “He’s new. I figured he’d be weak.”
“My son has never been weak,” the Overseer snarled.
“Well since he’s yours….” His father let the insult linger.
If Millie hadn’t placed a restraining hand on her husband he probably would’ve come across the table to try and kick Fenris’ father’s butt.
“I believe we’re here to celebrate our mating,” Fenris interjected.
The fathers grunted and exchanged glares.
Yep, this was going to be fun.
“What’s a Prime Alpha?” Stanley asked.
Fenris turned his attention back to the only person who deserved it, his mate.
“A Prime Alpha is like the alphas alpha. You’re stronger than most alphas and you have bigger fangs. Let’s just say I’m not worried about Sebastian’s possible battle with you. You’ll be able to handle him without problem. Because you’re so strong you’ll probably end up taking over more territory.”
“Huh, weird.”
Poor Stanley had done so well until now, but Fenris could feel the edges of his mate’s control starting to unravel.
He slid his hand beneath the table to entangle with Fenris. His mother gave him a concerned look. “Is it a mutual bond?”
Fenris nodded.
Stanley said, “Yes.”
“Good,” she said with satisfaction.
The one-way bond with his parents was always a source of battle between them with his father trying to take control, and his mother fighting back.
“Once you settle into your alpha territory we can talk about boundaries. Your territory butts against mine. I’m going to give you two months to settle in before we need to talk.”
Stanley bristled at the older man’s tone. A low growl built in his throat.
Oooh, not good. Fenris tried to calm his mate but his father just had to push. “I was never happy that Fenris joined another pack I think with your bonding we should think about merging the two packs and forming one. I can be there to lead it since you’re new to the entire alpha thing.”
Damn Stanley was fast.
Fenris’ father dangled from Stanley’s grip, pinned against the wall by one hand. The Prime Alpha’s power rolled across Fenris like a tidal wave. Gasping he held his human form almost certain it was only their bond that kept him from shifting.
“I’ll tell you this once. I will hold my territory. It is mine. I’m not merging my pack with anyone.”
“Stanley drop my father.” Fenris tried to infuse as much command in the statement as possible. The only one an enraged alpha will listen to is his mate.
His father hit the ground with a thud.