Thursday, February 23, 2012

Introduction of Lucian Van Carlyle from Guiding the Darkness - WIP

Well, it seems that my vampire, Lucian Van Carlyle is not only a bit jealous of the bite that sexy Lucas Fairbourne gave me, but wants a little action himself. Why, I’m not sure when his lover is an honest to goodness angel. *shakes head* His guardian angel and lover. What more could an undead man ask for? Well, let’s see what the greedy vamp has to say for himself.
Me: Ok Lucian. You now have my undivided attention. So, what has your panties in a wad? Manir not giving you enough attention?
Lucian: My dear Ms. G, Manir keeps me protected and satisfied more than you could possibly know.
Me *snorts*: Uh, I think I’m…intimately…acquainted with how well he keeps you. Which begs me to ask, why the attitude over Lucas?
Lucian *eyes going dark*: Simple my dearest. He exudes sex appeal that Manir cannot. Manir is light. He is love. He is not the dark creature that I am…nor Lucas. And Lucas doesn’t have wings.
Me: What could you possibly have against Manir’s wings? Especially since, even as a vampire, you love him?
Lucian: My love for Manir is beyond your comprehension. However, many occasions, Manir’s wings have been…problematic.
Me: Problematic?
Lucian *looking uncomfortable*: Yes, but I will not explain myself to the likes of you. You are a mere mortal. You could not possibly understand what immortals must endure to be together.
Me: I think I understand just fine. Please, enlighten me to your interpretation.
Lucian: No, I will not. However, you may do a courtesy for me.
Me *looking incongruous*: Oh, and what might that be, your darkness?
Lucian *smiling slyly*: You must introduce me to this Lucas Fairbourne.
Me *snorting again*: I will not. Lucas is mated to Kieran Teague. He is not for you. I won’t have you gallivanting around behind Manir’s back.
Lucian *looking angry*: You will do this for me. I can compel you to do as I demand.
Me: Oh please. Give me a break. The moment you consummated your love with Manir, you lost that ability. His light shines in you now. You cannot compel. You cannot feed from anyone but him. You cannot wrap yourself in your darkness as you once used to. Lucas and his mate Kieran are off limits.
Lucian: You mock me woman! I will not tolerate such…such…disrespect.
Me: I respect you Lucian, but I will not help you cheat on your lover.
Lucian *looking annoyed*: Tis not cheating if I told him.
Me: Go ahead. I’m sure that will go over real well with him.
Lucian *hesitating*: Well, maybe not.
Me: That’s what I thought. Do you honestly want to ruin what you have with an angel, only for a temporary infatuation for another vampire?
Lucian *looking away*: No.
Me: Besides Lucian. You can’t anyway. To do so would break your bond with Manir. He knows your mind and body. He will know instantly what you’ve done. He loves you. Probably more than you could ever know. Don’t destroy that over desire and lust for something meaningless. And you must remember, Lucas is mated. He most likely won’t have anything to do with you anyway.
Lucian *looking affronted*: I could get anyone I wanted. Don’t doubt that I am worthy of another vampire. I am worthy of an angel from the heavens. Another vampire would be nothing compared to that!
Me *smirking*: Exactly Lucian. Go home. Get what you need from your lover. I know he can stop any feelings you may imagine with another. Go home.
Lucian: Fine, woman. But only because I chose to go, not because you have so ordered.
Well, seems I managed to talk Lucian out of doing something disastrous. I have no idea what got into him. Well, actually I do. Lucas is luscious. But Lucian needs to remember he has a lover that adores him and he needn’t look any further than Manir for what he needs.
Manir: Indeed.

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  1. Well damn....Lucian sounds absolutely enticing and I am intrigued. Hurry up Carah and finish this one. LOL