Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Introduction of Characters - Haydin & Thad...

I know that many authors in the genre I write like to introduce their characters as practically real people. They have them do blogs; have them set up with their own Facebook accounts, etc. I find this a fascinating concept, though I have heard comments here and there that it’s a silly, childish thing to do. I disagree. As a reader as well as an author, I think, to interact with a character from a beloved book is almost as grand and exciting as meeting and conversing with a true celebrity.
To that end, I want to introduce a few characters. Knowing Haydin, he will try to take over the blog, so I will attempt to keep him on a short leash. His lover, Thad is much more laid back. They most likely will be surrounded by the minor characters that can’t seem to stay away from them. I plan on introducing characters once a week and hope that you enjoy a glimpse into their banter, thoughts and personalities as much as I do.
Haydin and Thad from Phoenix –
Me: Alright Haydin, tell us how you and Thad are doing.
Haydin: We’re fine. Better than ever, though very tired from walking the halls with the twins.
Me: So, finding fatherhood a bit daunting? Did you ever expect your life to go in that direction?
Haydin: No, not really. When I realized I loved Thad, I thought it too late to ever get him back. No one knew where he was or what had happened to him. I never would have agreed to the commitment ceremony with Jonathan if I’d known Thaddy would come back.
Me (watching Haydin stare over at Thad. Thad’s face is fairly blank, so I decide to see about drawing him out of his shell): Thad? How are you handling all the extra responsibility?
Thad: Uh, it’s fine. I love Piper and Ryan. They’re beautiful and make me laugh.
Me (smiling): They would be how old now?
Haydin: Six months.
Clarissa: Haydin! She asked Thad, not you.
Me (grinning now): Hi Clarissa! So, do you help with the babies?
Clarissa (looking smug): I do. So does Shea. It’s going to be such fun when they are older and Sharisa is old enough to play with them too.
Thad: She’s only three months younger, Rissa. She’ll be growing up with them.
Clarissa (rolling her eyes): I know big brother.
Haydin (chuckling): Clarissa would have Sharisa sharing a crib with them if we didn’t have the babies in bed with us, right babe?
Thad (blushing): Yea, probably.
Shea: Not on my watch! I love you guys, but we don’t live in a commune. Next thing you know, you’ll have us all sharing a bed.
Haydin (laughing hard): Yea, no, I don’t think so little brother. It’s hard enough sharing Thad with the babies. I sure as hell am not sharing our bed with you or Clarissa. Not happening. I have a mind to make you guys babysit so I can get my man alone for two seconds.
Shea: Two seconds, huh? Man, you don’t last long.
Thad: Shea!!!
Haydin: Dream on Shea. I last plenty long enough. Thad’s got nothing to complain about.
Thad (looking coy): Neither do you.
Shea (groaning): Oh man, you guys are going to degenerate into the trashy talk, aren’t you? Come on Clarissa, time for us to go.
Haydin (waving): See ya!! Call me later this week and we’ll take the babies to the park.
Me:  Sounds as if you two are finally happy after all that has happened, right?
Haydin (clearing his throat): I know I’m happy. I love Thad with all my heart. Love our children too.
Thad: When I really think about it, what I went through to get to this point was all worth it. I love Haydin. Have since I was seventeen. It’s not something that ever went away. Sometimes I get scared. Thinking it’s all a dream and I’m going to wake up and it will be all gone. No babies, Haydin will be with Jonathan, I’ll be alone and Clarissa will be on her own.
Haydin (moving to hug Thad): Aww, babe. I didn’t know that. Why didn’t you tell me?
Thad (mumbling): Because it’s stupid.
Haydin (giving Thad a kiss): No it’s not sweetheart. It’s the way you feel. For the record, I’m not going anywhere and if it’s a dream, it’s a dream come true. I love you.
Ok, looks as if Haydin and Thad are having a moment, which is my clue to leave them be. I’ve already written about their intimate connections, so don’t need to hang around. Hope you enjoyed this little insight into Haydin’s and Thad’s life.
Next week, I’ll see if I can get my boys from Butch’s studio to come in and chat. Kiran and Sander are such sweethearts; I just know you’ll fall in love with them. Might even talk them into a scene as well. That means, better not check out that blog while at work. These boys are very hot when they are together. *fans self*
Until next time, love hard and forever and you will never go wrong.


  1. *does happy dance*
    I love it! And what do you mean leaving?? It was just getting GOOD! lol

    I'm like you, Carah...I love to see the interaction with the characters as though they are living, breathing people. The first place I every saw it was in the Malory novels by Johanna Lindsey...I enjoyed being able to 'pick back up' with the clan in each new book.

    Keep doing what you're doing! It's great!

  2. *blinks* HOW, I ask, HOW did I miss this book? I loved the interaction of characters and they sound like a riot. :-)

    Off to grab this one Carah

  3. Great blog! Love the character interaction!

  4. lol...loved this. Always love to hear from loved characters. THis was perfect.