Friday, June 1, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday

Welcome my friends to another Flash Fiction Friday where a group of creative crazies get together to write 100 words, no more, no less about a picture.

              ...confess your feelings...
“Caleb! I need a new flash!” I didn’t mean to snarl at my assistant, but watching…and filming Ethan and Jarion was making my blood boil. Stupid me had never told Jarion that I thought he was God’s gift to gay men. The attraction I felt for the porn star was stupid, and over the top, but I couldn’t seem to get my body to understand that. Seeing Ethan’s head bent over as he sucked on Jarion’s nipple made me nearly growl, Mine! That I had fallen for a porn star would, no doubt, thrill my family. But I wanted him!

Now that you have read my interpretation, please visit my friends for their imaginative take on this photo.

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  1. Our choices rarely thrill our families!! Wonderful and charged with eager desire:) xo

  2. Ooh, I like the tension and emotional content in this one. I can see all kinds of twists if you were to take this further.

  3. Wow. I loved the passion. His seething seeing someone else touch Jarion, the one he wanted felt so real. He'll have to speak up or lose him

  4. LOL! I felt the jealousy screaming from this post. He should go ahead and let his feelings be known. If he doesn’t he’ll be pissed every time another man touches what is his.

  5. So much going on in such a short amount of words. Great post. I love it!

  6. This post reminds me of Calling DR. Love by G.A. Hauser. Loved it.

  7. We can't escape what the heart wants..Loved your 100 take..

  8. Not sure his love would be reciprocated, maybe he should take a break, it must be agony watching your hearts desire 'get his' with everyone but you! Great post!

  9. Hmm seemed a little jarring to read, like I wasn't quite sure why he was reacting as he did. I think you might have taken some of the words describing the action in the photo to give a little more voice to the feelings the filmer was experiencing. Over all, though, great piece!

  10. Lovely little flasher CR!

    SLira aka BLMorticia

  11. Love his emotion! Great Flasher.