Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where are all the open minded guys?

I belong to one of those dating sites, like, but not. I don’t take it seriously, but actually have had a couple of dates through it. Nothing that panned out, but that’s an entirely different story.
As most know, I write gay erotic romance and am an advocate for the gay community. So, that being said, I will not date a man who thinks homosexuality is wrong. He would not be worth my time, regardless of what I write.
Now, here’s the interesting thing. I have been keeping track of all the “matches” I’m emailed and the men who visit my profile. There is a section where you can answer nearly 800 questions, and many of those questions consist of sexual situations. Examples:
Have you ever had a same-sex encounter?
What would you think of two women fondling each other at a bar?
Would you date someone who has slept with someone of the same sex?
What would you do if you saw a same-sex couple kissing in the park?
All of these questions come with multiple-choice, premade answers. But, I’ll give you the answer that annoys me the most. And is the HIGHEST picked answer:
Girl on girl is ok, but guy on guy is wrong.
How freaking hypocritical is that!! How can an adult, supposedly educated man believe its ok for two women to have a sexual relationship, but not two men? Where does an answer like that come from? Does it go back to the number one fantasy men have of being with two girls? Does it come from the deep seated lessons in what is acceptable as masculine? Is it the result of society’s reluctance to include two men being intimate in shows/movies/commercials?
Women fought for equal rights for a lot of years, but in the concept of sexual innuendo and media, they have surpassed men…at least in straight men’s point of view. “Yea, sure, it’s ok with us if two girls get it on. Yehaw, let us watch!” Mention two men doing the same? The room clears and crickets can be heard. Well….and my cheers of “Bring it on!!” J
Is it right for me to think that straight men need a lesson in ‘live and let live’? How does it affect them anyway? They are straight. It’s not as if some gay guy is going to come along, touch them and suddenly, OMG, I need to start screwing guys!! And what about the words “sexual preference”? Being gay is not a preference, not a choice—it’s who that person is, the gender they are attracted to.
Ugh, I digress.
My point being, as a single woman who would like to meet a nice man to spend time with, maybe even fall in love with, why can’t straight men be just a bit more open minded and understand that there are all kinds of relationships and none are wrong? Homosexuality is not a threat! Get over it!


  1. I find it is the same with most women. They are cool with gay guys, but wouldn't date a guy who had been with other men. My best friend is bi, and he gets a lot of that from girls, even, check this, girls who are bi and have been with other women. Double standard totally.

    1. I really hate double standards. I just think human beings should be able to live the way they want, regardless of who they are attracted to, sleep with, or love. I will say, that to date a bisexual man, can be a bit scary. Only because it can be a real possibility to have to share him with men. Wait... O_O that might be kind of fun.... lolol Nevermind, my point is, I'm very possessive and do not like to share and there is always the potential to lose a lover to another, no matter their sexual orientation. So moot point. However, women who are that judgemental don't deserve to date your friend. Thanks for your comment! *hugs*