Thursday, May 3, 2012

Men of May Blog Hop

It's May and time for Men of May Blog Hop. It is always a great time to celebrate the beauty of men and their lives and loves in books. I decided to write about how I got into the m/m erotic romance genre in the first place. Hope you enjoy a peek into my life and be sure to click on the link at the bottom to "hop" on over to my fellow authors stories.

Let me tell you how I first got into reading m/m erotic romance, then writing it.
The first three m/m stories I bought were His Convenient Husband: Innamorati, Book 1 by J.L. Langley, Eros Rising by Ally Blue and Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson.

I have read those three stories at least a half dozen times. They were the beginning. They were the spark that ignited my journey into man love that I can hardly live without now.

I have over 900 m/m stories loaded on my Kindle. I have read nearly every one of them at least twice. Yes, there are a few that are my favorites, enough that I go back to them time and again. I am pathetically hooked.

I was in the middle of reading Touch Me Gently by J.R. Loveless when I decided I could do this. I could write these kinds of stories. I haven’t looked back.
My first, my baby is A Mechanic’s Dream. That one took me longer to write than many other subsequent ones. I poured my imagination into that story, and Croy Fischer and Kagan O’Conner are most definitely my all time favorite characters. That's why I decided to have them in a series, Valley Love.

CONTEST: Give me your email and the name of two of my books not mentioned in this blog and win an ebook copy of BOTH!! I will pick the first person who answers.

Writing m/m erotic romance is wonderful. The ability to create men that are multi-layered, complex and flawed is both challenging and rewarding.
Every time I pick up another book, it gives me more fodder for the men I create in my own stories. I was never into romance growing up, though I read just about everything else that was fiction, mainly fantasy. I always thought, if…no, when…I become a writer, it would be fantasy that would be the genre I wrote. And I do. I have several WIP that are fantasy. I also have two that are science fiction and many that are paranormal.
But if you look at the WIPs that I have, most of them are m/m erotic romance. The love between two men is beautiful. I love reading about it, I love writing it. I love the hard road many must take to get their happily ever after.
And I believe all human beings, men and women, no matter the combination deserve their happily ever after.
Oh! And J.L. Langley!! I am so waiting for Innamorati, Book 2!!
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  1. Would those include A Painted Life and The Reluctant Rent Boy?


  2. I'll go for Mirror, Mirror and Phoenix

  3. Phoenix and Reluctant Rent Boy are two not mentioned in the article - which was very interesting :D

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  4. Reluctant Rent Boy and Mirror, Mirror please...and I agree, I'm ready for another Innamorati book...but the again I can't wait for the new Sci-Regency book and the next With or Without Series.

  5. I enjoyed reading each of those books you mentioned. Our Kindles have about the same amount of books on them, too. Don't know what I would do without it. :D

    I would love to read Phoenix and The Reluctant Rent Boy.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  6. Love my Kindle! I know I'm not the first to comment but Phoenix and Mirror, Mirror look good.

  7. My answer is The Reluctant Rent Boy and Mirror, Mirror.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  8. Congratulations to Vita for being the first to answer my contest question!!!