Friday, June 8, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday

Welcome my friends to another Flash Fiction Friday where a group of creative crazies get together to write 100 words, no more, no less about a picture.


I honestly never imagined I would have Marco at my mercy. The look on his face as I lightly drew the ice down his Adam’s apple was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. He was completely under my seduction and I almost believed I could do anything to him and he wouldn’t object…almost.
This was a new twist to our relationship; one that I had fantasized about for ages. That Marco was giving this to me just showed how strong our union was. How strong he was to give up all control. My stud, my courageous man, my lovely husband.
Now that you have read my interpretation, please visit my friends for their imaginative take on this photo.

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  1. Very well done. It has a lovely amount of the existing relationship, while indicating that this is a step out of the ordinary. I'm sure it will lead to spiciness in the future!

  2. Now that is a hot hubby and a great relationship. Fantastic FFF.

  3. Sizzle sizzle! OMG it was worth waiting for. Love it

  4. Beautiful thing when a couple comes together and fulfills each others fantasy. Sexy flash, well done.

  5. Hot romantic love! Excellent work.

  6. Fantastic Flasher I loved the romance!

  7. Very romantic and descriptive flasher. Loved it:) xo

  8. What a sweet romance. Isn't it great when couples can trust each other enough to give them the reins? Great post!

  9. "Switching" it up....nicely written.

  10. Aww, that was sweet. And it had a seductive twist to it. Enjoyed this read. ^_^