Friday, October 26, 2012

GayRomLit 2012 - Day One

So, GayRomLit 2012…I was a newbie…and then I wasn’t. The whole event was awe inspiring for me, a shy introverted writer. I went in thinking I wouldn’t be recognized (my name at least) and I was wrong…and was filled with the warm fuzzies.
Overwhelmed and excited are just verbs, but they describe my feelings for four whole days. Those days were fun, the evenings were great and the nights were awesome! Sleep? What sleep? I met two of my three roommates for the first time, Karen Candido and Patti Logan. Awesome women, along with Nanette de Procure!! Love you gals!!
I met so many people I think it fried my brain. J I’m fairly good with names and faces, which was a plus as I met each writer/reader/publisher that attended (I did miss some as there were so many people there). I was pleased at the warmth and acceptance directed at me, a new writer at the bottom of the totem pole. I only had one bad experience with an introduction, and it occurred to me that that person might be uncomfortable in social situations (like I don’t know that feeling), so was not offended.
It was humbling to have people ask to have a picture taken with me. I’ve never had that before. I never wanted to be famous, but to be recognized for my books is a feeling I could get used to…or maybe something I’ll never get used to since it is so very nice. It was suggested that I practice my signature for next year. lol

Day one found me in among the other newbies (those that did not attend GRL 2011). We were broken up into groups…I got the LOUD group. Lol I’m not sure, but I think it was Angel Martinez’s idea to put people up on the chair…for those brave enough anyway. Here are a few of my fellow GRL’rs on the hot spot.

JR Boyd

Silvia Violet

Patricia Logan

To blast off the first day, that night we had ourselves some very nice eye candy....and I discovered Damon Suede is multitalented!! That man can write...and DANCE!! I was a good girl though, limiting my drinking to only two. After all, me dancing on the tables is NOT what anyone was there to see. I did have a beautiful young man in my lap for a moment and I wasn't the only one. J And as my roommates and I took a break outside, one of the dancers, Alexander kept us company. Such a cutie and very sweet!
There is the pretty young man who ended up in my lap, currently in Patti's and getting some attention from JR. I do believe Karen had some nice (if embarrassing) attention from him as well *wink*

Me and two of my roomies, Patti and Nanette

Again, two of my roomies, Patti and Karen, with a very beautiful Jared in the background.

And.....Damon showing Alexander his moves!

Come back again, and I’ll have more to reveal….


  1. Great pics - glad you had fun! :D

  2. Thanks Havan. I have more. Working on the next installment between writing.