Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday

Welcome my friends to another Flash Fiction Friday where a group of creative crazies get together to write 100 words, no more, no less about a picture.

The calm after the storm...

“Emery, have I told you how much I love you?” I asked in a whisper as my lover gazed up at me. His silence was a bit unnerving. I had hoped we’d gotten past the argument. That he’d brought me to our favorite retreat spoke volumes, but now I wasn’t so sure. I felt awkward but Emery seemed content just to lie there and stare at me.
I could feel the heat from his body, smell the scent of his skin. Feel his hand warm on my neck. I leaned in and kissed him. To my relief, he kissed back.

Now that you have read my interpretation, please visit my friends for their imaginative take on this photo.

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  1. Very sensuous....I couldn't tell if they'd alredy made love but then the the tWiSt of the argument. Was that a make-up kiss, an after kiss or precurser of things to come? A tornado of desire for Sure! Loved it, CR :) xo

  2. deep and sensuous. loved it. So much emotion...

  3. Very nice! So much uncertainty...

  4. I could feel his yearning, great flash!!

  5. Sensuous, romantic. Loved it

  6. Mmmm. Great! COuld feel the intensity and the romance. Good job! Flash me again!

  7. Beautiful CR so nicely done!


  8. What a romantic and sexy post. Awesome read.