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A little bit of mythical Irish history…

Finn, being a pooka, lives a bit outside the rest of the Irish fae hierarchy. It’s tough to say where pookas fit into the courts and complex family squabbles of the rest of Irish myth and legend. Finn would tell you that they don’t, that the pooka is the ultimate lover, the eternal outsider, and they like it that way.

Finn would be talking out his butt, as usual, but there is some truth in what he says.

The earliest Irish legends concern a series of invasions of the island. Anthropologists and folklore scholars have tried to use the archeological record and other bits and hints from old histories to pin down these mythical invasions and match them to real migrations to Ireland. Like many legends, there’s a kernel of actual in there somewhere, but for our purposes, it’s not terribly important whether these mythical groups were human or not.

Much of the original tales come to us through the filter of monks and other biblical scholars, so the original stories are obviously much changed to include details about the flood and the sons of Noah and such. The first three invasions of Ireland were human, the first led by, some sources tell us, the granddaughter of Noah. All three of these groups died out and then things get strange.

The Tuatha Dé Danann, the Children of Danu, were said to be the next invaders, although they seem to share their invasion time with another contemporary group, the Fomorians. At some points in history, the Tuatha are regarded as gods – tall, beautiful people who inhabited the island before the Gaels arrived. The Fomorians, on the other hand, while in some stories depicted as human, were often characterized as bestial and misshapen, and very much opposed to the Tuathan invasion. One of the crowning moments of Irish myth comes when Lugh of the Tuatha kills the dreaded Formorian king, Balor Bane-Eye, with his magic spear.

It’s all a little sketchy, though. These legendary people may represent early ethnic groups or they may have been something else.

If the fae lived anywhere in the world, surely it would have been in Ireland

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